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    Gmail encounters problems, up to 200 000 users affected

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    Gmail encounters problems, up to 200 000 users affected

    Post by Meesh on Tue Mar 01, 2011 12:03 pm

    Although Gmail might be the most popular webmail service, it doesn’t mean that it’s perfect. Many users have reported yesterday with certain
    issues with their Gmail accounts.

    Can you imagine the surprise of seeing your Gmail inbox empty when you login in the morning? This might be quite shocking for you, especially
    if you keep all sorts of important data within your emails. According to the latest news, it seems that the number of users with this problem was estimated to be up to 200,000, but luckily, Gmail has already been restored for some of these users, and we’re expecting that Google will fix this flaw in near future. So far, we don’t know what’s the cause of this problem, but we’re glad to hear that Google is working on it.

    As you can see, the internet’s most popular email service isn’t perfect after all, but its great to
    see that the folks from Google are giving their best to fix this problem.


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