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    Music Disclaimer

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    Read This Music Disclaimer

    Post by SPADEZ on Wed Oct 06, 2010 5:43 pm

    The following disclaimer is for all music on The-EN.com not including music in the EN Artist section. To view the EN Artist Disclaimer Click Here. This disclaimer is broken down into 3 paragraphs with each sentence numbered for quick reference.

    1This section has music that is not owned by The-EN.com. 2We take no credit and do not distribute any of the music posted on this site for any kind of profit. 3All reserved rights go to the artist(s) and producer(s) who published the songs that are found in the music section of The-EN.com. 4Any registered member of The-EN.com that post in the 'Music' section of The-EN.com is in automatic agreement with this disclaimer.

    1Any song that has been posted on The-EN.com are in agreement with Youtube.com's Terms Of Service(TOS). 2We will assume the user responsible for uploading the music on Youtube.com is the owner of that music. 3If the Youtube.com user allows the content to be viewed on the embeddable player, we will assume he/she granted permission to embed the content he/she uploaded by not disabling the "allow embedding" feature. 4If Youtube.com has not removed the music from the user who uploaded the music or anywhere located on Youtube.com's database, we will assume it has not violated their TOS and it shall remain embedded on The-EN.com. 5We do not regulate the TOS of Youtube.com. 6We only provide links & embedded player content from Youtube.com which The-EN.com receives no profit of any kind for. 7It is not The-EN.com's responsibility to regulate Youtube.com's TOS or to punish the users who are not the owners of the music & were unauthorized to upload the music they did on Youtube.com.

    1The-EN.com cannot be held responsible for any ©Copyright material(s) that is posted in the music section. 2All songs, albums & lyrics are credited in the topic title of the thread the song, album or lyric is located in. 3Members of The-EN.com cannot be held responsible for any song(s), album(s) & lyric(s) that is ©Copyrighted that was posted via Youtube embeddable player, unless they are distributing anything in the 'Music' section for some sort of profit in any way, which it is their own responsibility not to do so. 4The-EN.com does not tolerate and does not have any affiliation with such activity and does not encourage anyone to do so.

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