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    Some changes & new things 7/25/2010

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    Some changes & new things 7/25/2010

    Post by SPADEZ on Sun Jul 25, 2010 1:50 pm

    Hello all, I have made some changes to the site over the past few days that some of you may notice, they are the following:

    • A 'Relationship Status' has been added to your profile fields. There you can select if you are Single, In a Relationship, Married, Divorced, Swinger or no answer if you choose.

    • All of the forums titles are now colored in Orange so you can notice the forums more, it stands out more.

    • All of the forums descriptions have been changed for the better. They now all provide a definition of that forum and a quick history lesson about that forums subject. Check it out by reading the forum descriptions! You'll have some interesting stuff to read! The text that is Orange
      inside the forum descriptions are the sub-forums of that forum. Those are links and you can click them for quick access.

    • The reputation system now has a thumbs up or a thumbs down after you give the post a positive or negative rep by pressing the + or - buttons on the top right side of each post. You cannot rep your own post. Positive post will get and Negative post will get . Put your mouse cursor over post that have a thumbs up or thumbs down icon on it and a text bubble pops up showing you how many people voted that positive or voted that negative.

    • Global Announcements have been changed to "Please Read" with a glowing icon instead of the globe icon. For an example of this, while you're viewing the topics of a forum look at how the "Rules Of This Forum" looks. You'll notice the icon makes those topics stand out better.

    • Under lifestyle the forum 'Jobs' has now been changed to 'Fashion' where you can discuss everything you want about your personal fashion sense and more.

    • The Rant & Rave section seems to be getting controversial. So I have added a topic in their titled "About The Rant & Rave Section | Including The Rules" so please read it. It contains what goes on in the Rant & Rave section as well as the rules of that section.

    • The Game World category has been adjusted to stand out more. Instead of seeing Microsoft with a Xbox sub-forum. I have deleted the Microsoft forum and kept the Xbox forum to save space. Some of the forum icons have changed as well, like the Sony icon is now the Playstation icon.

    • The ranks Electronic Active and Electronic Master has changed in color. The army green looks better for Electronic Active and Electronic Master has changed from a normal green to a burgundy color.

    • Celebrated a 1st month anniversary on the site by giving members with at least 10 post $200 in forum cash!

    • New smileys, check em out << Example

    • The homepage has changed a bit, I have removed any ads on it, no longer visible to members, only guest. Also instead of broadcasting the last news & information about the site there, I have changed it so that it automatically broadcast new information posted in the 'Technology News' forum. Now all the awesome news in technology will be quickly reviewed on the homepage for guest and members to see. I think this looks more attractive.

    And that's everything I have changed or updated in the past few days. Hope you all like how the site is coming along! Smile

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