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    Geohot is now a Facebook employee

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    Geohot is now a Facebook employee

    Post by iRaz on Wed Jun 29, 2011 1:21 pm

    Famed iPhone hacker George Hotz, better known as "Geohot," is working for Facebook.

    The news of Hotz joining the social network first cropped up over the weekend in a report by TechUnwrapped. Facebook later confirmed the news to several publications, including CNET sister site ZDNet.

    Following initial reports, Techmeme founder Gabe Rivera reported on his Twitter account over the weekend that Hotz had joined Facebook in May. Hotz reportedly announced the news on his Facebook account earlier this month.

    It is currently not clear what Hotz does at Facebook.

    Hotz made a name for himself in 2007 by unlocking the iPhone, and in subsequent years continued applying his craft to Apple's smartphone.

    More recently, Hotz made headlines after being the target of a lawsuit from Sony after he allegedly hacked the PlayStation 3, enabling users to run custom packages on the device. Sony argued in its suit against Hotz that he violated the Digital Millennium Copyright Act and the Computer Fraud Abuse Act. After a short court battle, the parties settled the case. Terms of the deal were not disclosed.

    Facebook did not immediately respond to CNET's request for comment on what Hotz will be doing at the company.


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    Re: Geohot is now a Facebook employee

    Post by Vicky on Wed Jun 29, 2011 10:14 pm

    well that great news for hi prove hacker know more programers nice he got a job now
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    Re: Geohot is now a Facebook employee

    Post by -=illuminati=- on Thu Jun 30, 2011 2:40 pm

    Yea I saw this yesterday. That's pretty cool. Congrats for him!

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    Re: Geohot is now a Facebook employee

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