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    Comcast might bring Skype to regular TVs

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    Comcast might bring Skype to regular TVs

    Post by Meesh on Fri Jun 24, 2011 1:03 am

    It appears that Skype is trying to expand its reach, and after PCs, tablets, and smartphones, we might see Skype on regular TVs as well.

    Reports from Huffington Post are saying that Comcast will be announcing its plans to bring Skype support to TV sets this year. This means that for the first time we’ll get the chance to enjoy in video calls, regular calls, and instant messaging on our TVs.

    If you want Skype support on your TV, you’ll need to rent a kit from Comcast that includes a webcam and an adapter that you plug into the TV. In addition, you’ll get a special remote that has a keyboard on the back so you can easily type instant messages. All notifications will be displayed on your TVs and you’ll be able to answer calls in full-screen or in window while watching TV.

    So far, we don’t have any information about pricing, but we hope that price will be reasonable if Comcast wants to compete with smart TVs that already have Skype support.


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