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    Post by cynella on Fri Jan 28, 2011 2:53 pm

    About Us

    Hello and welcome to the forums for PS Home Gazette. The PS Home Gazette http://pshomegazette.wordpress.com is your source for upcoming Playstation Home updates and events. Every Wednesday we publish a weekly newsletter covering everything that has taken place in the past week, as well as cover any upcoming updates that we know about. From Home updates to anything concerning the Playstation in general, we are all gamers after all. In addition we publish news articles daily to help keep you informed.

    Cynella is the founder of PS Home Gazette, writer for HSM Magazine and a member of Home Tabernacle. In addition she is proud to call herself a Hammie. She loves scouting out talent, events and other things that directly affect the Home Community. She has been a member of the Home Community since March 2009.

    Iceandspice is an avid gaming fan, writer for PS Home Gazette and owner of the Gothic Rose Club. He is in charge of scouting for upcoming Club/Group events on home. He enjoys PS Home and has been using Home for 2 years. His PSN Ids are Iceandspice ( NA ) and Arieracer ( EU).

    DarthGranny: An accomplished author in real life, Granny enjoys writing for HSM Magazine and PS Home Gazette. She enjoys playing poker, being a Homeling and most of all shopping in Home.

    Cactusflower: A member of the PS3 Home community since open beta. A member of Team RHO: Recreational Home Organization owned and managed by the Lochwoods; owner of Club Home Sweet Home.

    Darkan12-nl: Member of Home since December 2008, Eve has a long list of clubs and sites that she is involved with. Not only is she an author at PS Home Gazette, she is the Queen of the Hammies, moderator of www.gamer-indepth.com as well as www.playstationhometoday.com , and a PSTalent scout. If there is ever anything you need to know, Eve has the answer.

    Contact Information:

    Interested in writing or submitting work for the Gazette? Have an upcoming event or party?

    Submissions: pshomegazette@live.com
    General Contact: pshomegazette@live.com

    We invite you to post discussions and reply to topics; both in this forum as well as The Electronic Network. Please adhere to Forum rules, thanks.

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