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    Tips for dealing w/ Little Big Planet 2 loading bugs

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    Tips for dealing w/ Little Big Planet 2 loading bugs

    Post by Meesh on Sat Jan 22, 2011 3:28 pm

    So many others including myself, have had trouble playing LBP2 online with friends. There seems to be a loading error bug each time a new game starts, a friend arrives to a pod, or loading in game. A few tips that may help ease this burden were told to me, and it's fairly tolerable yet still very annoying.

    Tip 1:

    If you get stuck at the loading screen, (where your loading bar almost seems like it's about to load and gets all epileptic right at the last
    bit of the bar) hold down your PS button to turn your controller OFF.This will force you to reload the game, prompting you to press the PS button to turn your controller back on.The game should appear. If you have a bad connection, this may happen a few times during game play, and will almost always happen at the start of each new level, and also when return back to the leader's pod.

    Tip 2:

    Another way to possibly avoid the loading bug for yourself, is to invite your friends to YOUR pod, where you will have to play leader. If their connections are better than yours, they may suffer minor loading bug errors only at the start of each level (not so much during) and sometimes each time you return to your pod. I tried this last night with a friend, where I was the leader, and I actually had an enjoyable time because I was finally able to play. My friend only had to load at the start of each game and sometimes when returning back to my pod.

    It's been rumored that this bug has been around since the beta and they claimed to have fixed it- no. They have yet to fix this bug, as people are still complaining about the loading errors. Let's hope they get on this soon because it's ruining the fun of online play. Story mode alone works just fine, except it's lonely when you're playing by yourself. Sad

    Hope this helps!

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