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    Eternal Sonata

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    Eternal Sonata

    Post by Teacrazer on Wed Oct 13, 2010 4:41 pm

    Eternal sonata is a fun rpg game. It has it's kind of cuteness to the game and special features. Special features within the game are being able to take photos in battle to sell for cash and playing little musical pieces. The game is unique in that it not only has its colorful story, but it also brings in historic facts of the real pianist Chopin's life. The game play is easy to understand, and its tutorial is a great help. The only frustrating part within the game is that the monsters are practically the same with the occasional new bosses. The monsters within the game look similar as you move along in the story to the different parts of the dream world. The story of Eternal Sonata itself is worth the watch. From beginning one gets a feel of the middle of the story, so its hard to understand what just happened. Throughout the story it details the dream of Chopin and gives like most rgp games different relationships throughout the story. The end of eternal sonata is long, but not disappointing. Eternal sonata I consider a 8/10!

    This game not only is for the PlayStation 3, but also for the Xbox 360. The only difference between the Xbox 360 version is that the Ps3 has extra features such as being able to play Serenade (Princess) and Crescendo(Prince). Another special feature in the Ps3 version is that you ca do extra tasks to get alternate cltohes for the main characters : Allegretto, Polka, and Beat.

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