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    Is Sony considering 3D-slider tool for PS3?

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    Is Sony considering 3D-slider tool for PS3?

    Post by SPADEZ on Tue Oct 05, 2010 4:13 pm

    Sony may be considering developing a 3D-slider tool for the PlayStation 3, very much like the 3D-slider option recently announced by Nintendo for its forthcoming 3DS glasses-free handheld console.

    After all, some people simply don't like 3D, so Nintendo's slider on the 3DS will help them minimise the effect or even turn it off entirely.
    Slide away

    A Sony games producer behind an upcoming Sly Cooper collection suggested that a slider function could be mapped to the analogue stick on the PS3 DualShock controller.

    The ability to adjust the depth of the stereoscopic 3D graphics coming from your 3D TV screen might help some people enjoy the game experience more, Sony's games producer explained.

    Without such a function, gamers may well be forced to (*gasp*) get up off the sofa and move around the lounge until they find the optimal position for enjoying a 3D game.

    Nintendo's 3DS' slider was heavily promoted by the firm at E3 last month, although we still await further news on a confirmed release date or price for the new Nintendo 3DS.

    The first 3D games are already starting to appear on Sony's PlayStation Network (PSN) for the PS3, although you will of course require one of those pesky new 3D TVs to enjoy them as the developers truly intended.

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