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    Monster Jam: Path of Destruction

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    Monster Jam: Path of Destruction

    Post by Meesh on Mon Oct 04, 2010 3:35 pm

    Monster Jam: PATH OF DESTRUCTION is an upcoming racing video game based on the famous USHRA Monster Truck series that will be made by Activision. It will be the fourth edition in the series. The last one being Monster Jam: Urban Assault. Monster Jam: Path of Destruction will be released on November 9th 2010 in North America and slated for November 12th in Europe and The U.K.

    The game will feature over 30 licensed Monster Jam trucks, including new ones. A new feature allows players to customize their own trucks with more than 1,000 parts. Due to licensing, the past games weren't able to produce the authentic realism real Monster Jam fans get in real life. Many hope this will change with this game. But nothing's predictable, since nothing except the features have yet to be only words spread about this game. "The Monster Jam: Path of Destruction video game promises to be the ultimate monster truck experience complete with unprecedented realism, customization, truck handling and all-out destruction," what is said on an IGN.com review. The game's multiplayer functions are currently head-to-head like the previous games. Many have hoped little that a franchise producer like Electronic Arts would make a game after their favorite monster truck series. Monster Jam: Path of Destruction would appear to be the closest to come to one. On July 28, Activision announced the title of the game is "Monster Jam: Path of Destruction." Along with the announcement they included snapshots of the game. Dennis Anderson along with Tom Meents, George Balhan, Lupe Soza, Scott Douglass and other monster truck drivers will provide the voice over.

    Release Date: November 9, 2010

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