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    Life's Playlist

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    Life's Playlist

    Post by Meesh on Mon Sep 06, 2010 5:40 am

    Music has been around since the first person who has ever set foot on this earth discovered the very first beat. It has evolved through the centuries and reflects the inner melody that lies within a composer’s soul. It is shared, rewritten, remixed, or just kept true to its authenticity to fit the listener. Those that have an appreciation for music often find it therapeutic. Music is made to set moods; it’s an expression of life, all things beautiful, all things hateful and may also bring out the ugly. It brings out different ranges of emotions.

    Depending on how deep and how one may interpret music, it gets us through the beat of life. When in love, we listen to love songs. When we feel hate and rage, we listen to intense beats/lyrics. When we want to just mellow out, we listen to what ever gets us to that place. When we want to forget, we lose ourselves in a beat/melody that sinks into our souls, till it’s mind numbing. (Mine would be the Dubbies <3)

    I can personally say that I’ve grown a much larger appreciation for music as I experience different stages in my life. I continue to appreciate, become more open minded to MOST types of music-excluding the twangy country-that just straight up ain’t my style lol-but it’s somebody’s style out there, just not mine haha.

    As we intertwine our lives and music together, we create a playlist for our lives. It’s an ongoing infinite playlist that will forever grow and will forever be on repeat until we add more to that list. With that said, here’s a short version of my current playlist on my iTouchMyMeeshPod (and yes I really did label my iTouch that on iTunes LOL) What's yours?

    Hoobastank- Don’t Tell Me


    Radiohead-Creep (dub mix)

    Tamia-Stranger In My House

    Lily Allen-Fuck You Very Much

    Mt. Eden-Sierra Leone

    Bruno Mars- Just The Way You Are

    Erykah Badu- Next Lifetime

    Jill Scott-The Fact Is (I need you)

    Imogen Heap-Useless

    Lights of Euphoria- Wicked Game (World on Fire Mix)

    Tiesto feat. Priscilla Ahn-I Am Strong

    The Roots & Erykah Badu-You Got Me


    Muse-Sing for Absolution

    Muse-Stockholm Syndrome

    Muse-Falling Away With You

    Grizzly Bear-Cheerleader

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    Re: Life's Playlist

    Post by Vicky on Mon Sep 06, 2010 11:20 am

    omg i love most of this bands NIn Grizzly bear Muse LIly allen good even know she bristh joking all good song here meeshy ^^

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